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Are you raising a zombie?

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Does your child’s life revolve around books, exams and the four walls of the classroom alone? Then they are no better than zombies with no space for development as human beings.

Some parents feel that extracurricular activities are just a distraction to their child’s studies. They do not understand its importance. Such thinking couldn’t be anymore untrue. In order to develop a well-rounded student, one should not only concentrate on their books, their education should also go beyond the classroom.

Here are some reasons why extracurricular activities are helpful to your child’s development:

Social Skills

SPI Preschool teacher always integrate play in the formative years of a child to develop their social skills

With extracurricular activities, students are given the chance to expand their world and form new friendships.

By meeting others, they gain a new perspective in life which helps them grow as an individual.

Time Management Skills

Students learn how to balance academic and extracurricular activities. They are able to plan ahead and make better use of their time. Being able to manage time makes an individual more organized.


Being part of a group and doing something that you are passionate about gives a sense of fulfillment – it adds up to one’s confidence. And with higher confidence one is able to do more and achieve greater things in life.


Students gain experience from being part of extracurricular activities. These experiences will be very helpful in whichever path they decide to take in the future.

Experiences help shape a person – it affects who we are, the decisions we make and how we interact with each other.


With the experience gained from extracurricular activities, students are more likely to have a higher chance of getting into a good university and getting a scholarship.

SPI Gradeschool program provides a holistic approach in child development

Education should be more than just books.There are a lot of activities your child can be a part of, such as athletics, chess, volleyball, basketball and even music. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of the parents. Your job is to encourage your child to explore his world and make the most of it.

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