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5 Things Your Child Needs to Hear From You

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Words are power. Words have power. They can build or break a child.

Interaction is one of the key ingredients in learning, it helps develop the areas of language, social and emotional, and cognitive growth of a child.

As parents, you can contribute to their development through these simple phrases

1.How are you?

Children spend most of their time in school and a lot can happen when they are away from you. Checking up on them is a must. Not only are you updated with what is happening in their lives, by simply asking how their day went makes them feel that you care and that they are important.

2. You’re doing great!

Children need encouragement. They need to know how they are doing and that you see them. With the right words, children are motivated to become the best of themselves.

“Children may not die without encouragement, but they certainly wither.”

3. I’m proud of you.

It’s important for parents to be proud of their children and it’s even more important that they know. When children realize that their efforts, big or small, are appreciated and it helps develop their self-esteem.

If children know that you believe in them, they will too.

4. I’m sorry.

Apologizing does not make you any less of a parent. In fact, it makes you a better one. Confrontations and disagreements are unavoidable and sometimes parents do things or say things that hurt their children. Sorry won’t take it back but it will bring them comfort.

5.I love you.

This is obvious but the strongest one of them all. Love can change a child, who they are and who they will become.

A child raised with love grows up whole.

With or without achievements, these three words are a reminder that they are loved and valued, building their courage and confidence and strengthening your relationship.

Childhood and adolescence stage are full of confusion. This is where children discover and build themselves. As parents, you are their foundation. You can help in establishing their identity through communication. Children do not only pay attention to actions but also to what comes out of one’s mouth. Words can do wonders if used correctly.

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